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German FDP Politican Embedeed With Peshmerga Fighters In Sinjar

Watch "German FDP Politican Embedeed With Peshmerga Fighters In Sinjar Doing A " Video at Wochenschau.TV:

"This "ISIS interview" by german FDP politican Tobias Huch is an answere to Jürgen Todenhöfers interview inside the actuall ISIS controlled city of Mosul a few weeks ago wich was more seen as an PR action for ISIS than an actuall interview from Huchs eyes so he decided to do a proper one while beeing in the combat zone. Seems he has some pretty "heavy" arguments against them lol. Such a video is really untypical for german politicans and impressed me a bit if I have to be true so I subbed it with english subtitles and decided to share it with you guys.
Kurdish forces actually are making major gains in the area of Mosul with the help of US airstrikes and german delivered weapons like the milan.

On his facebook page Tobias Huch states that everything said by him in this video is his subjective personal opinion and has nothing to do with his political partys view and that he dosent speaks for them in the video PLAY ► http://wahrheit.tv/video/German-FDP-Politican-Embedeed-W "